Here you can check out my personal brainstormers that i´m currently working on. Pretty much all of them, have been made on  apple earplugs and headphones etc. Neither of them, (actually none of them) - have had my usual "downmix-process" in the studio yet (if they ever will ;-) The reason being, that, this SC is my public "Online-Trascan-Page" where i (and my friends) can listen, look or get inspiration  for good or even perhaps better ideas or projects to work on. 

My Soundcloud page is therefor, not about "checking up" -on sound quality etc. but instead, to explore and work with my own creativity, hence the exploration concerning the writing process in music. Draggin my work up into the studio, requires for me - a certain level of potential in the track, which i examin/listen too in here, -IF the track is interesting enough, it´ll get my full attention later on in the studio -where i do the "in depth programming" ;-) That sounds logical, right ;-)  Don´t underestimate the creative aspect in music production, It is indeed, a powerfull Force ;-)

Copenhagen - 2022